Microsoft Chart basic elements

Hello everybody,

recently I've found Microsoft Chart elements description picture, and was very much surprised with it. So I've decided to leave picture at mine blog as well.

First of all take a look at those elements on the picture;

Description of Chart Details

Axis Label

Labels along axis.

Axis Title
The title of an axis.

Chart Area
The chart picture consists of one or more chart areas, which are rectangular areas that are used to draw series, labels, axes, grid lines, tick marks, and so on. Multiple series can be plotted in one chart area, depending on the chart types involved.

The plot area, used to plot chart data, is also contained within a chart area.

Chart Picture
The chart picture, is the entire image surface that is rendered by the Chart control. It corresponds to the root Chart object.

Chart Series
A series is a related group of data points. Each series is associated with a chart type.

A legend for the Chart picture. There can be an unlimited number of legends in a chart.

Grid Lines
There are major and minor horizontal and vertical grid lines, which usually occur in conjunction with tick marks.

Tick Marks
There are major and minor horizontal and vertical tick marks, which usually occur in conjunction with grid lines.

Plot Area
The plot area is the inner rectangular area within a chart area that is used to plot series and grid lines. Labels, tick marks, the axis title, and so on, are all drawn outside of the plotting area and inside the chart area. The plot area can be set via the ChartArea.InnerPlotPosition property.

A main chart title. There can be an unlimited number of titles placed in a chart image. Note that custom text can be displayed using GDI+ and the paint-related events.

Value Label
A special label that occurs for a data point, slightly offset from where the point is plotted. It can be the data point's value or custom text.

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