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  • How can you explain the role, meaning and substance of ERP in layman's terms?

    Well. It depends from what kind of layman is in front of me. I’ll discuss following layman:

    my mom

    my father

    Some abstract CEO

    Let’s start from my mom. Last time when she asked me what programs I do make I was puzzled. What should I say her? She knows about Android apps, Windows apps and before retirement she used to be train driver. Be she have no idea what is ERP. As you can guess, I can’t say here standard definition of ERP from wikipedia ( actually I can, but it will not add any knowledge to her ). So I started a conversation with her like this ( Y. will stand for me, and M. for my mom ) .

    M. Yuriy, what programs you make?

    Y. ERP systems.

    M. What is this? Is this like my … more