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  • JForex-Utilities sample and JFQuantisan.jar

    Greetings to everybody.

    Recently when I visited blog of Paul Lam, I've noticed JFUtil 2.0 alpha demonstration of usage of his library JForex-Utilities.

    It is nice example, but very unformatted. It looks like this:

    So I've made formatting corrections, and put his sample on my page with formatting:

    package jforex.yz;

    import java.util. * ;

    import com.dukascopy.api. * ;

    import com.quantisan.JFUtil. * ;



    public class JfutilDemo implements IStrategy {

    private int counter = new Random().nextInt(100); // notice the lack of fields to manage JForex objects

    @Override public void … more

  • How to compile JForex-Utilities in Intellij Idea to receive JFQuantisan.jar

    Hello everybody,

    I continue my experimenting with dukascopy platform, and next issue which I faced was the following: "How to compile JForex-Utilities in Intellij Idea to receive JFQuantisan.jar"

    This question may sound trivial to experienced java developers, but such as I'm mainly .Net dev for me it was pretty comlicated ( i.e. googling, meditating ) question. 

    With help of google and power of reason I've found solution, which I want to describe step by step.

    So, let's get started.

    Download source code

    As it often happened, I've downloaded source code from github. By habit of Microsoft .Net developer I thought that I can press compile, and immediately receive .jar file. But my … more