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  • Acumatica summit 2020

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words or kind of summary of Acumatica summit 2020. 

    First of all want to say that for me it was very interesting to see people which have big or even huge desire to make Acumatica grow. 

    And also want to post some photos. 


    When I thought about Hackathon, I didn't thought that I'll be part of a winning team. I thought that I will have some fun. Make some customization for Acumatica, congratulate the winner and will go home. But to my surprise, here is what I've got:

    well, not only myself, but other teammates with me in team Theta. Harsha, Dhiren, Yuriy and Spencer. Guys, it was a huge pleasure to play with you on the one team! … more