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  • How to use PXDBScalar with PXProjection

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about how to use PXDBscalar in connection with PXProjection and is it possible at all.

    First of all want to say that it's defientely a possiblity. Take a look on this sample of implementation:



    LeftJoin<FABookHistory, On<FABookHistory.assetID, Equal<FABookBalance.assetID>,

    And<FABookHistory.bookID, Equal<FABookBalance.bookID>,

    And<FABookHistory.finPeriodID, Equal<IsNull<FABookBalance.currDeprPeriod, FABookBalance.lastPeriod>>>>>,

    InnerJoin<FABook, On<FABook.bookID, Equal<FABookBalance.bookID>>>>>), new Type[] { typeof(FABookBalance) })]

    [PXCacheName(Messages. … more