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  • PXFilter set up fields only once

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to document in my blog interesting behavior of PXFilter in Acumatica. 

    First of all, few words about it's behavior. If Acumatica sees PXFilter, it will create single record, which will remain only in cache and never will travel to the db. Recently I faced interesting issue, fields from PXFilter DAC object was updated only once. After deep investigation I've found that it is because anything that works with PXFilter shouldn't have any field marked as IsKey. If field is marked as IsKey, it will not be updated after each modification of UI. more

  • PXFilteredProcessing in Acumatica

    Hello everybody,

    few day ago I was digging in code of CT502000, and found interesting part of code:

    public PXFilteredProcessing<ContractsList, ExpiringContractFilter> Items;

    As usually in my code I use PXFilter, and discovery of PXFilteredProcessing was confusting for me. 

    The first think that I as usually do, if I see something new, it is watching with reflector in declaration of new type. Here it what reflector shows:

    public class PXFilteredProcessing<Table, FilterTable> : PXProcessing<Table> where Table: class, IBqlTable, new() where FilterTable: class, IBqlTable, new()

    This means, that we can pass into PXFilteredProcessing two tables. T200 manual gives an answer why: Provides … more