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  • How to read from stored procedure in Acumatica

    Hello readers,

    today I want to share hwo it is possible to read from stored procedure in Acumatica. Keep in mind, that reading from sp is against best practices of Acumatica, because if you read from sp, then you'll reading will not be cached and other side effects, but sometime you don't have a choice. So, for such cases you can try following approach:

    create procedure uspWow

    @invnbr nvarchar(6),

    @money decimal(19,4) OUTPUT


           SELECT @money = ARInvoice.CuryLineTotal

           FROM ARInvoice

           WHERE ARInvoice.RefNbr = @invnbr;





    var invNbr = new PXSPInParameter("invnbr", "000595");

    var money = new PXSPOutParameter("money", PXDbType.Decimal, 19, 4,  … more