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  • Acumatica Test Framework in Acumatica. Part 2 (Practice)

    In this part we implement real automation test for creating POOrder - screen PO301000;

    Before to start, please read first part of rhis post. 

    The main steps:

    Create solution and add nedeed components from SDK folder

    Add new project (Net library) to solution 

    Configure generator and run it for create .cs class with all components on screen PO301000

    Add POOrder.cs and describe some methods for test

    Add the main class (for example F100_Part1_Lesson1.cs) where we describe Execute() method

    Run solution, view result of test

           Create solution and add nedeed components from SDK folder

    CCreate a test solution by using Visual Studio 2017 as follows:

    In Visual Studio 2017, … more

  • Acumatica Test Framework in Acumatica. Part 1 (theory)

    Ok, Acumatica provides as part of platform is Acumatica Test Framework. Acumatica test Framework is a set of tools and libraries that can be used for unattended black-box testing of any product or customization that is based on Acumatica Platform right in your favorite browser. For interacting with UI controls and components Acumatica Test Framework uses Selenium Web Driver. You can read more about Selenium here or nice example of it is this video.

    The high level diagram of Test Framework components is described here:

    Acumatica Test Framework Architecture:

    As you can see here the core thing of the test framework is Element IDs – Each HTML element has own ID how browser can find it. … more