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  • Acumatica unit test

    Hello readers of mine blog.

    Today I want to share with everybody who wants to make unit test of Acumatica how I achieved it.

    For unit testing I use NUnit. In order to start my work with Acumatica Unit testing I wrote the following class:


    public class CATranEntryExtTest



    public void TestAutonumber()


    var gr = PXGraph.CreateInstance<CATranEntry>();



    Now with help of Resharper let's start debugging:

    And here we go, the first error message:

    PX.Data.PXProviderException : Provider cannot be instantiated.

       at PX.Data.PXDatabase.get_Provider() in c:\Builders\4_10-2013_12_16-23_17_15-Full\ … more