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  • Autonumbering in Acumatica

    Today I want to share with you how I implemented autonumbering feature in acumatica for page CA304000.

    My task originally was the following: add autonumbering feature to the "Document Ref" field with following rules:

      a. step of incrementing is 1

      b. length of field should be six characters. For example 000001, 000002, ... ,  000223,  001024, ..., and so on

    First of all I want to state that my way of adding much simpler then "canonical" ( according to acumatica manuals ) way of adding autonumbering.  If you wish to use standard way you should accomplish so many steps that I should admit that my brain wasn't able to boil them in one project. 

    Instead of this I used the following steps. … more