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  • Get values of indicators in jforex

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about getting indicators values for testing strategy. 

    Recently I had need to get ema value. But for my surprise following code didn't give me values, which I've seen on the screen:

    double ema = indicators.ema(instrument, period, side, AppliedPrice.CLOSE, emaTimePeriod, 1);

    And in order for getting proper indicator value I've found another fragment of code which gave me proper result:

    double ema89 =, Period.TEN_MINS, OfferSide.BID, IIndicators.AppliedPrice.CLOSE, 89, maType, indFilter, 1, prevBar.getTime(), 0)[0];

    with following variables declared:

    private static final IIndicators.MaType maType = IIndicators. … more