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  • How to avoid many if during programming for cAlgo

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words about how to avoid nested ifs if you program for cAlgo.

    Recently I've got following request ( code is modified in order to protect privacy of customers idea ):

    buy in following case:

    price is above moving average 20

    price is above moving average 30

    stochastic is above 40

    each of indciators from 1 - 3 can be turned on/off

    As example consider following case:

    if( movingAverage30On && MarketSeries.Low[1] > longMa.Result[1])


    if(movingAverage20On && MarketSeries.Low[1] > shortMa.Result[1])


    if(stochasticOn && _stochastic.PercentD[1] > 40)






    if(movingAverage20 … more