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  • Encog propogation training algorithms

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to describe in simple words some training algos of Encog.

    Before I'll continue, I want to show general block schema of training algorithms:

    Init NN can look like this:

    public BasicNetwork CreateNetwork()


    var network = new BasicNetwork();

    network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(WindowSize));

    network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(10));

    network.AddLayer(new BasicLayer(1));



    return network;


    Steps "NN error < acceptable error" -> "Update weights according to learning algorithim" can look like this:

    public void Train(BasicNetwork network, IMLDataSet training)


    ITrain train = … more

  • Encog Training

    Hello everybody,

    suppose you have read two of my previous notes about network creating and basic input into neural network and now you have huge desire to make training on neural network with Encog. You are on the right way. One of the options which you have to try is the following:

    var train = new Backpropagation(_network, trainSet);double error;



    train.Iteration(); error = train.Error; } while (error > 0.01);

    Backpropogation is one of the trainings algorithms. Other training algorithms of Encog are: LMA, Similated annealing, quick propogation, Mahatan update rule, scaled conjugate rule and other, which I didn't yet tried. 

    In mentioned code train is Backpropogation … more