Abbreviations in Warehouse management

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a note on warehouse abbreviations. For me all of them are not easy to keep in mind, so I decided to post them here:

Abbreviation Meaning
3PL Third party logistics
ADC Automated data collection
APS Advanced planning & scheduling
ASN Advanced shipment notifications
ASRS Automated Storage Revival system
ASP Application service provider
ISV Independent software vendor
AIDC Automatic identification and data collection
BOM Bill of material is a list materials required to produce an item
CCD Charged coupled device is a barcode scanner that takes digital image of the barcode instead of laser scanning
COGS Cost of Goods Sold
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
DC Distribution Centre
EPC Electronic product codeis the RFID version of the UPC barcode. EPC is intended to be used for specific product identification
FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FIFO First in first out ( like in programming )
GVW  Gross Vehicle Weight
LIFO Last-in-first-out
NIFO Next in First Out
POD  Point of Delivery
RFID Radio frequency identification
SCM  Supply Chain Management
SKU Stock keeping unit
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code
VNA Very narrow aisle
WIS Warehouse Inventory system
WS Warehouse storage
WD Warehouse Distribution
WMS Warehouse Management Solution
WHM/WHS/WHSE Warehouse

I hope having such list hand can help you better understand your accountant, logistic manager and other people in the team.

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