Access rights in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a short notice on how access rights work in Acumatica. So, if to enumerate them, there are following access permissions: revoked, select, update, insert, delete. 

If to enumerate them in the list of smallest permissions to biggest, it will be list like this:

  1. Revoked - user can't see or edit
  2. Select - user can see, can't edit
  3. Update - user can see and edit
  4. Insert - user can see, edit, create new
  5. Delete - user can see, edit, create, delete

So, if you configure permissions, and want to give highest level, then give Delete. But if you want to protect system from accidental deletion, then most probably you'll need give them Select set of permissions. If you have some users, that are extra careful, you can give them Update set of permissions. 

Or as another option, you can consider to create even for yourself two users. Imagine that your name is Yuriy. Then you can create for yourself three users: YuriyCool, YuriyExtracareful, YuriyCareful, YuriyRelaxed, YuriyLimited and assign to YuriyCool delete set of permissions. YuriyExtraCareful Insert set of permissions, YuriyRelaxed update set of permissions and YuriyLimited Revoked set of permissions. With such approach you can cause Acumatica to protect you from your own mistakes for days when there is some kind of solar storm, bad mood or some other black line in your life. 

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