Acumatica can have two views with main DAC

Hello everybody,

today I want to share option, which was shocking for me. I discovered that graph can have more then one dataview for the same main DAC. Here is sample of code form T200 manual:

public PXSelect<Product> Products;

public PXSelect<Product, 

Where<Product.productID, Equal<Current<Product.productID>>>>


Here also continaution of the manual why on Earth you can need this:

These two data views can only be used as data members for UI containers that display the same data record at a time. In such definition of data views, the first one is used to display brief information of a product on a form, and the second one is used to display the detail information of the same product on a tab. For both data views, the Currentproperty of the PXCachecache object returns the same Productdata record. If a user selects a data record in one UI container, the same data record appears in the second container.

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