Amazon storage

Hello everybody,

today I want to write a few words about Amazon storage. 

So, first of all I'd like to say that Amzaon provides to kinds of storage: 

  1. Ephemeral
  2. S3

If to speak about ephemeral, then I can say that main purpose of this storage is temporary storing of your data. If to compare ephemeral storage with S3 it has following limitations:

  1. access speed is not guaranteed
  2. there is not service level agreement for this service

You can use ephemeral storage for the following staff:

  1. buffer
  2. cache
  3. scratch data
  4. etc...

Let's talk now about S3. Question 1, why it is named S3? Amazon Simple Storage Service, or three letters S. 

it has following features:

  1. Accessible via http and https
  2. bucket ( you can compare it with a drive where you can create folders, place files)
  3. you can store your videos, images, backups, etc
  4. buckets are unlimited, but size of one object should be smaller then 5Tb
  5. you pay for reading your data, not for placing them into bucket
  6. it's not a file system

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