Automation schedule screen is not executed

Hello everybody,

today I want to describe interesting feature of Acumatica related to back ups of database. Imagine the following: you've restored database from back up at your dev environment. And let's say you have automation schedule that every hour you should send to each contact some emails. So, you've restored customization and would like to find the button that will block sending of all emails. At which screen it is? At none. It is interesting to know, that Acumatica already "pressed" at this button when you've restored db from back up. But for now you probably have another question. How to debug execute any schedule at all?

I propose following steps:

  1. Delete all automation schedules.
  2. Create new automation schedule just fory our screen.

Delete all automation schedules

That is relatively simple task. As one of the ways you can execute following sql:

UPDATE AUSchedule set DeletedDatabaseRecord = 1

After that your screen SM205030 ( aka Automation Schedules ) will look pretty lonely and orphaned, but your partners will not mark your mail server as spam after you initialize schedule

Create new schedule

  1. Navigate to screen SM205020
  2. Create schedule with usage of screen that you want to use

Come back to screen SM205030 and press at button Initialize Scheduler as presented at screenshot:

and after that you'll have opportunity to debug your screen. Take note that button Initialize scheduler can't be unpressed. 

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