Branch restriction in Automation schedule in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to describe one behaviour of Acumatica processing screen. 

So, once upon a time I created processing screen. Purpose of that screen was simple: take data from some external source and insert it into Acumatica. 

As that processing screen worked fine, it was taken a decision to create automation schedule step that will make that screen to be executed by Acumatica automatically. And then following issue arised: also that screen worked great in manual mode, it didn't work at all in Automation schedule mode at all. 

After long investigation I found the following:

  1. Automation screens are executed from the user acount admin
  2. Also admin should have access to everything, that is not always the case with Acumatica. In my case admin account didn't have access to branches.

As result, nothing was imported. So, what was solution to that issue? Change scope to PXReadBranchRestrictedScope like this:

                var thr = new Thread(
                    () =>
                        using (new PXReadBranchRestrictedScope())
                            var portionsCustomers = customers.Skip(a * sizeOfOneChunk).Take(sizeOfOneChunk).ToList();

as soon, as I've applied PXReadBranchRestrictionScope life become easier, and data started to flow into Acumatica at automation schedule also. If to speak particularly about PXReadBranchRestrictionScope, it has following purpose: remove restriction by branch, that is automatically applied by default to current user. 

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