Create customization to MYOBAdvanced(Acumatica), part 1 description of the task, prepare to start

I want to tell you some little history about how was created customization to existing MYOBAdvanced (Acumatica) project.

One guy who buy and use acumatica from MYOBAdvanced (, asked me to create customization.

He wrote:


The standard platform under Business Accounts has the Activities tab, which is where we record the data. Refer to attached screenshot.

I need a search page as follow on the app/mobile device:

Search field which only searches the Business Account Name field. 

The user enters text, then Business account names that match that text are displayed, the user then selects the required account.

The page then display all events for that Business Account of type "Phone Call", "Client Visit" and "Futile Visit" (not interested in emails, tasks, events etc) 

I want this to display in the app so the user can very easily see the comments from the previous visits. (imagine sitting in your car outside a clients property about to begin a meeting,

you want a quick summary of previous meetings and comments associated with that client)


It is standart view page - Business Account (Screenshot 1). 

I need to create new page: something like this (Screensot 2).

My steps:

  1. Prepare Acumatica instance (instal the same build version of MYOBAdvanced Acumatica).
  2. Create page, graph, DAC class extension and xml page for mobile.
  3. Create customization and test.

Part 1 (Prepare acumatica instance)

Customer uses MYOBAdvanced (Acumatica) version - 6.10.1511. So, I instaled the same version of acumatica from Here I select : AcumaticaERP/ and download it.

After installlation I've executed Acumatica ERP configuration wizard instal new acumatica web site with including Sales Demo data:

Next, in Visual Studio open this created web site and in solution add new class library (.Net Framework) project (Screenshot 3):

Necessarily it is needed to join project and web site of acumatica. To do this I need to add all "PX[...].dll" references from folder "Bin" of web site to this "TestAcumatica" project (Screenshot 4), and add reference "TestAcumatica" in web site (Screenshot 5):


After those standart manipulations I can go to next step - create page, graph, DAC class extension and xml page for mobile. See Part 2.

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