Creating new Entity in Dynamics CRM

Hello everybody,

today I want to write a bit of information, which is related to creating entities in Dynamics CRM.

So, let's say that you want to create some kind of new Entity. 

For example in your Dynamics CRM you want to create entity Programmer.

For this purpose you first of all you'll need to create some custom solution in trial edition of Dynamics CRM.

Last time when I tried to do this trial was available here.

After that you can follow way which is displayed at screenshot:

Then choose solution created by you. 

And then navigate to Components -> Entities.

Actually you'll need to click on Entities and then button New will be available for you. 

At screenshot you can see sequence of actions for this purpose:

So, when you create entity Programmer, you can see some parts with interesting + sign as shown on the picture:

you may be puzzled, what kind of cemetery it is? 

But explanation is very simple, if you turn some of those features on, you'll never be able to turn it off. 

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