Enterprise Service Bus

Hello everybody,

I continue to publish damp of my understnading of the Universe.

Now it will be about Enterprise Service Bus as part of building distributed systems.

ESB can be considered as tool for organizing code. 

There are two kinds of ESB:

1. Brokered

2. Decentralized.

Features of brokered:

a. Configuration in one point

b. One configuration team.

c. Mediator makes decision.

Samples of brokers: TIBCO, BizTalk, Web Sphere.

Features of Decentralized:

a. configured indepenently

b. coworking between teams

c. services makes decisions independently

Samples of decentralized: NServiceBus, MassTransit, Rhino Service Bus. 

If to continue comparison between Brokered/Decentralized, then brokered is app, that installed somewhere in the network, while decentralized tends to be NuGet package in your solution ( I assume that developers prefer to have option of controlling ).

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