How to compile JForex-Utilities in Intellij Idea to receive JFQuantisan.jar

Hello everybody,

I continue my experimenting with dukascopy platform, and next issue which I faced was the following: "How to compile JForex-Utilities in Intellij Idea to receive JFQuantisan.jar"

This question may sound trivial to experienced java developers, but such as I'm mainly .Net dev for me it was pretty comlicated ( i.e. googling, meditating ) question. 

With help of google and power of reason I've found solution, which I want to describe step by step.

So, let's get started.

Download source code

As it often happened, I've downloaded source code from github. By habit of Microsoft .Net developer I thought that I can press compile, and immediately receive .jar file. But my clicking on Build -> Make project neither first nor other ones didn't give me needed file. So, I needed to google for solution. 

Below I'll present screenshots of what I've found:

  1. Click at File -> Project Structure:

2. Click on Artifacts and press green plus sign:

3. Choose JAR -> From modules with ... :

4. Choose output folder and name:

5. Click at Create Manifest...:

6. Finally you'll be able to generate .jar file:

I hope it helps somebody to save few hours of life to somebody.

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