How to hide tab in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to share piece of knowledge about Acumatica controls. Recently I was asked to add one more tab to page Checks and payments.

Let's suppose it was named Allocations. It should be displayed only if type of payment is set to Prepayment.

Such kind of behaviour is possible to implement via three steps:

  1. Add tab with name Allocations
  2. Set VisibleExp to the following: 
  3. Set BindingContext to the form like this:

Or just more detailed picture:

	<px:PXTabItem Text="PO Allocations" VisibleExp="DataControls[&quot;edDocType&quot;].Value==PPM" BindingContext="form">

Initially I was puzzled for what does &quot; stands for, but as you probably understand from your html knowledge it stands for quotes.

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