How to increase length of Customer id column

Hello everybody,

today I want to describe interesting case. Recently I was asked to increase length of Customer ID at page AR303000.

As usually such tasks can be achieved via creating extension to DAC class with setting new length, 

and with SQL statement that increases length of column. But that is not the case with Customer ID. That is because

Customer ID is Segmented Selector. And everything related to segmented selectors should be managed 

at page Segmented Keys page ( CS202000 ). All that is needed to be done is increasing the Length field of segmented keys.

Other approaches can lead to corruption of segmented keys. Especially if you decide to do it in database with DB scripts. 

At screenshot below you can see how to change field length to 30:


  • Peter said

    I have the length field in Inventory also editable, but you wrote about the Customer ID. For some reason the length field for the Customer ID is not editable in my screen? It use the Segment ID 1 "Business Account". Do you know how to make it editable? There is also a check mark "Override" which is not editable?

  • docotor said

    Hi Peter, I send you an email with screenshot. On it you can see that BIZACCT is a parent for CUSTOMER.

    At database level it means that both of them (BIZACCT and CUSTOMER) live in the same SQL table. That's why on the level of CUSTOMER ( item that inherits from BIZACCT ) you can't modify anything. You should apply your modifications on BIZACCT segmented key and set there other number.

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