How to make quick estimate

Hello everybody,

today I want to write a notice about Project estimation. One of the important facetcs of making estimates is to make document, in which to describe definitions of project, which need to be estimated.

For this purpose I will create Word document with title page, table of contents and following categories:

In order to make good estimate it's good to clarify with potential stakeholder following categories:

  1. Purpose
  2. Goals/Objectives
  3. Success Criteria
  4. What's in/out of scope
  5. Assumptions
  6. Recommended Approach
  7. Business Drivers
  8. Budget
  9. Schedule
  10. Return on Investment
  11. Constraints
  12. Risks
  13. Stakeholders
  14. Preliminary Schedule
  15. Preliminary Estimates
  16. Policies and Standards
  17. Legal Regulatory
  18. Competitor Drivers

If to clarify those matters with potential product owner then to make estimate will be much easier

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