How to override ExecuteSelect in Acumatica in your graph

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a short notice on how to override ExecuteSelect method in your own graph for debugging purposes. I found following code useful:

public override IEnumerable ExecuteSelect(string viewName, object[] parameters, object[] searches, 
string[] sortcolumns, bool[] descendings, PXFilterRow[] filters, 
ref int startRow, int maximumRows, ref int totalRows) {     //Here you can analyze what is coming into your select     var result = base.ExecuteSelect(viewName, parameters, searches, sortcolumns, descendings, 
filters, ref startRow, maximumRows, ref totalRows);     //And here you can see what is going out      return result; }

With this approach you can better understand what's going on with views, which view is called first, second. Also you'll be surprised ( maybe ) that selectors will use the method ExecuteSelect as well.

Anyway I want to remind you advice from T200 manual, use method ExecuteSelect only for debugging purposes

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