Import data in Acumatica

To import data (Customers for instance) from .xlsx format we need to make 3 actions:

  • Create Data Provider

  • Create an Import Scenario

  • Make an Import by Scenario

1: First of all, before we will start do all those steps, we need to have .xlsx file with customers and such fields at least on the first row as a heading row:

After that when we’ve checked Customers.xlsx file, click on the menu button and choose Integration tab.


Afterwards on the Profiles subheading click Data Providers

In the *Name field type the name of the future Data Provider to/from Excel format (Import/Export Customers to Excel) and in the next field  - * Provider Type: choose Excel Provider. After that go to Files in the top right corner and upload your Customers.xlsx file to the system:

After you have done, the screen has to be like this:

Go to SCHEMA part and make the following actions as you can see on the image:

On the form toolbar, click Save. See the screenshot of the created scenario.

  1. Menu-> Integration-> Import Scenarios

Fill this stage as shown on the image or with needed fields for you:

To fill Screen Name with the right choice will help this image:

 And click Save icon in the top left corner.

After this step we need to make the last one – to make an import by created already scenario:

  1. Menu-> Integration-> Import by Scenario

Go to DETAILS part and fill SITE MAP zone as shown below:


In the Name field choose Import New Customers and press PREPARE button on the top. It have to be close to this image:


After you pressed PREPARE, press IMPORT on the form toolbar to import the customer's records to Acumatica ERP. Importing stopped at the record where an error occurred, and the status of the import is Partially Processed. Review the error in the Error column. Correct the errors in the data to be imported, which were intentionally added to the file for demonstration purposes, and retry the import after correcting each error.  After all customer accounts are successfully processed, review the imported records by using the Customers form (AR303000).


In this example, you have learned how to import new records into Acumatica ERP by using import scenarios. To import new records, you have done the following:
1. Created a data provider for the source data.
2. Understood the sequence of actions to be performed on the applicable Acumatica ERP form if you
were entering the record manually.
3. Created an import scenario that uses the data provider created in the  previous lesson and reproduces the sequence of actions performed on the form in the scenario mapping.
4. Imported data records by using the created scenario from Excel file.

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