How to get formatters of acumatica with reflector

During reading manual of acumatica for T100 test I faced control PXMaskEdit. That is wonderful control because it allows you to make masked input. I was very happy, but was unable to realize how to customize characters for entering values. Search in pdf file didn't give me satisfactory results so I decided to decipher masking fields with help of google, and wasn't successfull with search results. So I made next step and used my favorite tool reflector. 

In the window of reflector I typed segmentmask and below you can see screenshot of what I found:


Little bit of scrolling opened in front of my eyes the following picture:

                            case '9':

                                item.EditMask = MaskType.Numeric;


                            case '?':

                                item.EditMask = MaskType.Alpha;


                            case 'C':

                                item.EditMask = MaskType.Ascii;


                            case 'a':

                                item.EditMask = MaskType.AlphaNumeric;


And this brought me to the following conclusions:

a. If you want in some particular place to be inputs of numbers you can use 9. For example (999)-(999)-99-99 will give you the following input mask: (___)-(___)-__-__

b. I assume that "?" could stand for alphabetic that matches only a-z, not symbols like: > !@#$%/[]{}(), etc.

c. C or Ascii symbols. I think it's understandable for what it stands for :)

d. a or Alpha numeric. I think it stands for symbols a-z and numbers 0-9.




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