Saving Complex Objects In Acumatica


Hello everybody,

today I want to share one nesessary step which is needed for graph in order to save graph which has more then one DAC ( data access class ).

In my case I have DAC PRPayRoll, which is joined with classes PRPayrollDetails, PRPaySlip, PRTran.

In that case it is needed to mention in graph declaration primary dac.

So instead of writing 

public class PayRollManager : PXGraph<PayRollManager>
I wrote
public class PayRollManager : PXGraph<PayRollManager, PRPayroll>

Where PRPayroll is primary DAC. Or if to quote Acumatica manual PRPayroll is primary DAC for business logic container


  • Gabriel Michaud said

    Just curious - are you working on a payroll system for Acumatica?

  • Gabriel Michaud said

    For which country? Are you aware of the work being done right now by PCB? Can you e-mail me to discuss? I'm curious to hear about your project.

    Gabriel Michaud
    Director of Product Management

  • docotor said

    I'm from Ukraine, Kyiv. I'm not aware about PCB. Just wrote you e-mail.


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