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Hello everybody,

today I want to write a few words about Dockerfile. 

So, as usually for developer it will not be enough just ordinary docker images. Quite often they need to add some more features to docker images. One of the useful ways to organize it can be creating Dockerfile. 

Dockerfile in itself just a text file with instructions. Of course that instructions are docker specific. And it's similar to making program say in C#. While after C# program I need to execute compiler, with Dockerfile I need to execute command docker build. You can consider docker build as compiler from Docker. 

Executed image is a container. 

Dockerfile has build instructions. 

Some docker instructions

FROM - points to basic image. 

MAINTEINER - say who maintains image

RUN - with this command you can point either you need to download something from internet, compile source code, RUN npm install, etc

COPY - copy something into container

ENTRYPOINT - what is main entrypoint of your container. Something that starts container functionality. javatype, nodejs, dnx, etc types of commands

WORKDIR - configure context for where that container is executed

EXPOSE - expose port

ENV - define environment varialbes

VOLUME - define volume and how it is stored in host system

Some samples of instructions:

FROM node - means the following from node build an image, grab node, and add additional layers on top of it

MAINTAINER - to whom write an email.

RUN npm install - execute npm install command

EXPOSE 8080 - open port 8080

COPY . /app - copy content of local folder into folder app

After you created your docker file, you can use docker build like tis

docker build -t somename/aspnetcore .

Take not that . in the end is named Build context. It shows where is Dockerfile.

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