A Dac Extension Must Include The Publis Static Isactive Method

Hello everybody,

today  I want to share one line of code for Acuminator for error message:

PX1016 A DAC extension must include the public static IsActive method with the bool return type. Extensions which are constantly active reduce performance. Suppress the error if you need the DAC extension to be constantly active.

In case if you don't want to suppress Acuminator with a comment, you can do something like this inside of your extension:

public static bool IsActive() => true;

Certainly it is not the most elegant way of doing that, as better way could be usage of some attribute for this purpose, or for example use inheritance, but as of now, the smallest amount of code, you can use that line of code which is presented here. 


Below goes comment of Sergey Nikomarov:

  I want to notify you that the post has two issues: 1. IsActive method should be declared on graph extensions too. 2. It is completely OK to suppress this alert if your extension should be always active. This is the best practice and it is mentioned in the diagnostic documentation: https://github.com/Acumatica/Acuminator/blob/dev/docs/diagnostics/PX1016.md  > Suppress the error if you need the DAC extension to be constantly active.   In fact, you should never write IsActive() => true; This unnecessarily decreases the performance of your code since the platform will call this check every time.   I just wanted to give you these details although it would be great if you could update the post. I haven't found comments section for posts so I decided to write you here.   Best Regards, Sergey



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