What the difference between programmer and software developer?

Hello everybody,

today just short glimpse about difference between programmer and software developer.

So, try to picture following scenario, you ask for program.

As result programmer will give you a code. 

But Software developer will give you "some questions" ( and this list is not complete )

  1. How does it fit in the business process. Are the requirements thought out?
  2. Are you sure you understand what it will cost?
  3. What kind of documentation will it need?
  4. How might it interact with other code?
  5. What platform will it run on. Are the scalability issues?
  6. How might it impact future development? How might it be enhanced in the future?
  7. Can you find/buy/reuse other software instead?

After receival your answers maybe software developer will give you code. Maybe you'll buy some program.

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