Working with Nuget in Visual Studio 2015

Hello everybody,

today I want to describe some useful from my prospective commands for working with Nuget.

First of all, I want to say that you can work with Nuget as usually with usage of wizard, but if wizard fails for some unknown reason, console can give you interesting facts, that otherwise will be hidden from your eyes. 

First step is how to find Nuget manager console?

You can use top right edit for opening nuget manager console, as shown at screenshot:

After console window is opened, you can try following combinations.

Get-Package -ListAvailable EntityFramework - search in all sources for library named Entity framework

In newer version of nuget ( 3.0 + ) you can use Find-Package:

Find-Package EntityFramework.

If you need install EntityFramework, you can use following command:

Install-Package EntityFramework

If you need to add nuget package from command line, you can use following command:

nuget sources add -name FeedName -Source

One more useful command may be to instal some specific version. Like this:

Install-Package Symbotic.Framework.Messaging -version

Also you can upgrade your nuget with following command

nuget update -self

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