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  • Development methodologies

    Hello everybody.

    Today I want to make a post about list of development methodologies. How much of them you can name? Agile/Scrum, Waterfal. Which else? Take a look at list that I've discovered for myself:




    Rapid Application Development

    Dynamic System Development Model Methodology

    Spiral Model

    Extreme Programming Methodology


    Joint Application Development

    Lean Development


    How many of those you know/tried/practiced? more

  • Some notes on Jira usage

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to make a short recording of the following video: Introduction to Jira & Agile and Project management.

    Actually I just want to have short text version of Dan Chuparkoff's  advices.

    Task is something that is bigger then 30 minutes but smaller then 3 days to complete. It is practical don't have tasks that take more then one day to do.

    You can't wait in the middle of the task. If you are waiting in the middle of the task, then take another look, maybe you have series of tasks. 

    You can be in three modes: in progress, done, not started.

    Estimating is hard, but use estimates. And use story points, not the hours. 

    There are different kinds of story points.  … more

  • How to make quick estimate

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a notice about Project estimation. One of the important facetcs of making estimates is to make document, in which to describe definitions of project, which need to be estimated.

    For this purpose I will create Word document with title page, table of contents and following categories:

    In order to make good estimate it's good to clarify with potential stakeholder following categories:



    Success Criteria

    What's in/out of scope


    Recommended Approach

    Business Drivers



    Return on Investment




    Preliminary Schedule

    Preliminary Estimates

    Policies and Standards … more