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  • Bind9 in CentOS

    Hello everybody,

    recently I've got a task to configure Bind9 on CentOS.

    While doing this I have found some hardly documented features of CentOS.

    File locations and defaults

    By default bind9 is has name named. It means that you can start it with command systemctl. For example you can get status of bind with this command:

    systemctl status named

    Information about zones are stored in zone files. By default named stroes zone files at /var/named/.

    Infromation about bind itself is stored at /etc/named* location.

    Following command tells us something more about those files:

     ls -ld /var/named

    drwxr-x--- 5 root named 127 May 17 17:25 /var/named

    It says that access to those files has two … more