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  • How to filter customer by Email in Acumatica API with Postman

    Hello everybody,

    I want to add few more words about Acumatica API usage.

    Recently I was asked on how to find customer by email in Acumatica. And I was asked to provide example of Postman functionality. That wasn't easy task, first of all because I'm not very skilful in Postman, but after few more efforts I was able to deliver Postman url.

    But first of all let's consider how to configure Acumatica.

    Acumatica configuration.

    First of all, you'll need to either use your own endpoint, or default. For learning sake I recommend you to use your own. Also add customers screen to it. First gif visualizes this process:

    I want to add few comments on this visualtion. Object name, that I gave: … more