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  • Acumatica customization without Acumatica GUI


    Today I want to share some information about Acumatica customization.

    Suppose, you want to change your pages not via Acumatica UI, but via Visual Studio. Reasons why you can have such desire can be the following:

    1. Visual Studio is faster then Acumatica UI

    2. You can put your changes under source control

    3. You can easily exchange changes with your co-workers

    Let's say you have following situation.

    1. You need to make changes to pages ar301000.aspx and  pm301000.aspx and pm304000.aspx.

    2. You need to add new page AP508000.aspx.

    3. You want to include dll, which is named DS.dll.

    In order to do this you'll need the following.

    1. Create in your Acumatica instance folder  … more