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  • How to work with selector

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words how to work with selectors in Acumatica.

    So, imagine, you have the following selector in Acumatica:

    <px:PXSelector ID="NmbUsrBillPMTask" runat="server" DataField="UsrBillPMTask"/>

    In order to make it work as selector, you need to do the following:


    if you'll do it, you'll receive following selector:

    And if you choose there some value, you'll be able to see id represented as number. In my case it was 727.

    But what if you want to make it more readable?

    Then you can add following part:

    [PXSelector(typeof(Search<PMTask.taskID>), SubstituteKey = typeof(PMTask.taskCD))]

    Then instead of … more

  • jForex non standard time frame ema value

    Hello everybody,

    Few days ago I had an order for automating forex strategy for 3 minutes time frame in jForex platform.

    I faced issue that by default jForex doesn't work with 3 minutes. In order to do this, the following parts were needed for addition:


    public void onStart(IContext context) throws JFException {

    period3Min = Period.createCustomPeriod(Unit.Minute, 3);

    edDescriptor myFeed = new TimePeriodAggregationFeedDescriptor(Instrument.EURUSD, period3Min, OfferSide.ASK);

    ontext.subscribeToFeed(myFeed, new IFeedListener() {@Override

    pan style="color: #008800; font-weight: bold;">public void onFeedData(IFeedDescriptor feedDescriptor, ITimedData feedData) {

    try {

    nsole. … more