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  • PowerShell formatting strings

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words about formatting strings in PowerShell.

    Consider the following example:

    "Today is $(Get-Date). Enjoy your life"

    Output will be the following:

    Today is 08/23/2016 16:04:18. Enjoy your life

    So, if you want to call some PowerShell function, you can just put it into brackets, put $ in front of it and get the result.

    Conisder another example:

    "You own to me $(44 + 44* 0.15) dollars"

    It will give following output:

    You own to me 50.6 dollars

    Very cool stuf in PowerShell is about using formatting with templating and key -f.

    Take a look:

    $apples = 5

    $pomegranade = 22


    "I have {0} apples and {1} … more

  • Statistics of normal distribution

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words about standards of normal distribution in statistics. 

    Take a look at the picture:

    This picture says the following. If you have normal distribution, than 68% of data fall in range    - σ


  • Federation security

    Hello everybody,

    Today I want to write few words about federation security.

    So, imaging following situation. You work in one company, which partners with one or two others. And Both of them provide some kind of IT services.

    One of the ways of dealing with such situation is make for each IT service login name and password for each of IT services. Of course it's not very convenient. It's not convenient for users, which need to have few accounts, it's not convenient for administrators, which need ot manage user names and passwords. Etc. How to deal with it? One of the solutions is identity federation. 

    How it works. One of the ways of solving it is making IT services to work with accepting … more

  • What is token in Claims-Based Identity

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words about what is token.

    If to put very simple statement, token is a set of bytes that express information about some subject ( as usually it is user ).

    This information consists of one or more claims. Each claim contains information about subject. 

    General structure of token is like this:

    And now few words about purpose. If user want to use some system, he need to get from some authority security token or set of bytes. After getting token user uses it for getting access to system. 

    System by itself looks at claims and at signature, and depending from claims either gives permission for some activity or not. Signature in token indicates … more

  • Unions by example

    Hello everybody,

    today  I want to share a short notice on unions calculations in statistics by example of the following puzzle:

    You are picking flowers from a garden. The garden contains flowers of varying colors, including flowers that are completely blue, flowers that are completely pink, and also flowers that are both colours. The probability of picking a flower that is at least partly blue is 0.4 and the probability of picking a flower that is at least partly pink is 0.2.

    Question, how to calculate probability of picking flower that is blue, pink or both.

    The answer is simple. First of all it's good to remember formula:


    Now let's mark B as blue fragmnet, … more

  • Azure basic puzzle words

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to put some light on puzzlewords related to Windows Azure.

    Quite often many people are puzzled by statements SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. If you need quickly understand what those words mean, 

    just look at the icture.

    If to decipher them with examples, then 

    SaaS example

    Office 365, Bing, gmail.

    PaaS example

    Something, that you can borrow for your life simplification. For example Access control service, service bus, HD Insight, Windows Azure Active directory, Azure SQL server database.

    IaaS example

    Renting one or more virtual servers and probably their network equipment ( also virtual ) in order to host something like Sql Server, Active directory, Sharepoint … more

  • Azure Datacenter architecture

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few words about Azure Infrastructure. 

    Big picture

    You can use Azure services in ~140 countries. And Microsoft does it's best to enalrge geography of their earnings, but if you are citizen of some countries you may be missing of usage of Azure.

    For now we can consider as Azure something with Microsoft products. It can be: XBox, Office 365, Bing, hotmail, etc ( full list of services consists of ~200 services. ). 

    The best idea about usage of Azure is to have something, which is closest to your target auditorium. 

    If your target auditorium is located in your country, you may need to go to Azure Spped Test web site. Below goes screenshot:

    As … more