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  • Stop and clean all docker containers in ubuntu


    just small note on topic how to remove and delete all docker containers in ubuntu:

    sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -a -q)

    sudo docker rm $(sudo docker ps -a -q) more

  • PXSplitter basic template for autosize grid in Acumatica

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about UI in Acumatica and if to be more precise about combination of splitter with other UI controls.

    As you maybe know, in order to allow user to modify height of input control, splitter conrol should be used.

    For now I found following configuration of splitter useful: 


    <px:PXSplitContainer runat="server" ID="PXSplitContainer" Height="100%" Width="100%" Panel1MinSize="120" Panel2MinSize="120" 

        SplitterPosition="210" Size="3" SkinID="Transparent" Orientation="Horizontal">

        <AutoSize Enabled="true" Container="Window" MinHeight="300" MinWidth="100" />

        <ContentLayout AutoSizeControls="True" Orientation="Horizontal" /> … more

  • How to enable ports for Docker swarm in ubuntu

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to document how to enable ports for dokcer swarm in ubuntu:

    sudo ufw enablesudo ufw allow 2377/tcpsudo ufw allow 7946/tcpsudo ufw allow 7946/udpsudo ufw allow 4789/tcpsudo ufw verbose more

  • Install shipyard with curl

    Hello everybody,

    today in order to preserve shortcut for shipyard installation I've decided to preserve it's shortcut in my blog.

    curl -sSL | bash -s

    this will install shipyard at your centOS machine. User name will be admin, password: shipyard. more

  • Two kinds of buttons in Acumatica

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about two types of buttons in Acumatica.

    usual form of declaration

    unusual form of declaration

    What is difference from code prospecitve?

    In the begining they are equal:

    public PXAction<Shipment> CancelShipment; 

    Even very similar with attributes:


             [PXButton(CommitChanges = true)]

             [PXUIField(DisplayName = "Cancel Shipment")] 



            [PXUIField(DisplayName = "Release")] 

    But different with declaration:

    protected virtual void cancelShipment() 

    protected virtual IEnumerable release(PXAdapter adapter) 

    and different with last statement. Those with PXAdaapter should return … more

  • How to start with Acumatica development

    Hello everybody,

    this post is intended for those people who want to make development for Acumatica, but don't know where to start or how to start. Or for those, who know C#, but absolutely can't figure out how to work with Acumatica.

    So, first of all, I'll describe some general ideas, and then provide few examples of how development for Acumatica is done.

    Acumatica has the following development or extension schema.

    Acumtica is installed on some IIS server. Further in this document I'll name it production instance or production.

    Developer installs Acumatica on hiw working computer with IIS. Without IIS development for Acumatica will not be possible

    Developer creates his extensions … more

  • Three grids in Acumatica

     Recently I've posted following question on stackoverflow:

    I have following request from my customer to be implemented in Acumatica:

    Create form which have input fields on top.

    Form should have first grid, which reacts on parameters on top

    Form should have second grid, which reacts on top parameters and grid 1.

    Form should have third grid, which reacts on top parameters and grid 1 and 2. Acumatica has following master templates: Form2Detail.master, FormDetail.master, FormTab.master, FormView.master, ListView.master, TabDetail.master, Workspace.master. But there is nothing like Form3Detail.master. Also three grids are not available in T200, T300 manuals of Acumatica. So, my … more

  • Customization internals Part 2

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to continue few more details about customization internals. In one of my long time ago posts I've described how to create customization file by yourself without Acumatica engine. 

    Today I want a bit extend my comment with few more details.

    Quite often it is needed to add sql code to your customization. How to do it? Acumatica customizations allows it with usage of projext.xml file. 

    Take a loot at following example:

    <Customization level="0" description=""> <File AppRelativePath="Bin\Blablabla.Acumatica.dll" FileID="d701b330-7c72-4f51-b1ae-75c4e2c02194" /> <File AppRelativePath="Pages\AP\AP306010.aspx" FileID="b9e88968-7f36-4cfc-9383-caed8363c269" /> < … more

  • How to show smart tag in visual studio 2015 for data source in Acumatica

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to share simple trick of how to show smart tag at DataSource control in Acumatica. Recently I had to generate class, and for my disappointment I wasn't able to get window that can generate class for me. So, in order to get that window, following steps are needed:

    1. Go to design mode

    2. In properties window select ds

    3. Press Show Smart Tag keyboard combination - [Shift]+[Alt]+[F10]

    4. Choose anything what you need.


  • Enable disable features disappeared from acumatica

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few notes about difference between Acumatica instance created with "Acumatica Framework Configuration Wizard" and "Acumatica ERP Configuration Wizard". If to summarize there are plenty of differences, but one of the biggest is availabilty of "Enable/Disable features" in Acumatica. Take a note of screenshot:

    Following screenshot was taken from Acumatica instance which was created with  Acumatica Framework Configuration Wizard.

    Compare it with screenshot of Acumatica that taken from instance created with "Acumatica ERP Configuration Wizard":

    so, in case if you need deep access to modules configuration then "Acumatica ERP Configuration … more

  • PXFilter set up fields only once

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to document in my blog interesting behavior of PXFilter in Acumatica. 

    First of all, few words about it's behavior. If Acumatica sees PXFilter, it will create single record, which will remain only in cache and never will travel to the db. Recently I faced interesting issue, fields from PXFilter DAC object was updated only once. After deep investigation I've found that it is because anything that works with PXFilter shouldn't have any field marked as IsKey. If field is marked as IsKey, it will not be updated after each modification of UI. more

  • Create new column if it doesn't exist

    Hello everybody,

    today I just want to preserve simple sql which creates column, if it is not created yet in ms sql db. Important feature of this code is indempotency.

    IF Col_length('APPayment', 'usrPOSkipped') IS NULL   BEGIN       PRINT '[usrPOAllocated] will be created'       ALTER TABLE appayment         ADD usrposkipped BIT   END ELSE   BEGIN       PRINT '[usrPOAllocated] already exists'   END 

    Few explanations. This code will create column usrPOSkipped in table APPayment. more

  • Execute command on Linux start up ( reboot )

    Hello everybody,

    recently I had a need to configure CentOS edition of Linux.

    One of the tasks that I need to accomplish after each CentOS reboot is turning of ip receival. This can be done with the following command:


    Another part that I also needed was starting up of docker daemon. Docker daemon can be started in the following way:

    After repeating it more then three times I've decided to ask CentOS to execute it instead of me. This can be done in the following way:

    vim /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    sudo dhclient

    sudo systemctl start docker

    execute chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    So, in case if you need to run something on start of system, then you know where to move. more

  • Mesos terminology

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to share few words of my knowledge related to mesos and mesosphere.

    Recently I've subscribed myself for making investigation for mesosphere. And quite often I was asked by my project manager what is difference between mesos and mesosphere. For now I've found that mainly difference lies in fact that mesosphere is built on mesos. According to this interview Matt Trifio which is Mesosphere SVP of Marketing says that Mesosphere is built above mesos. I like his analogy, that in the same way as Android is built on Linux, in similar way Mesosphere is built on Mesos. 

    Next part which was confusing for me what is Framework? Framework has many meanings. I was … more

  • HTTP status codes

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about http status codes which some kind are common among developers for web api clients.


    For POST request following are common to return: 201 ( item was created ), 400 ( bad request ), 500 ( internal server error )

    For GET: 200 ( ok ), 404 ( not found ), 400, 500.

    For DELETE: 200 ( delete was successful ), 404 ( not found ), 400, 500

    PUT: 200, 404, 400, 500

    PATCH: 200, 404, 400, 500.

    Also ther are general codes:

    401 - not authorized,

    403 - forbidden

    405 - method not allowed.


  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos-marathon

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to leave few notes about following video: which is done by Adrian Mouat.

    First of all, what is orchestration definition: "The planing  or coordination of the elements of a situation to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously". 

    So, what are elements in Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos maraphon?




    What are desired effects? Here they are:

    Running application

    Automatically scale

    Fault tolerant

    Node failover, node rebalancing, health checks

    Efficient use of resources

    Require little of manual intervention

    Swarm and compose

    Docker official solution

    Uses … more