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  • How to add to docker image dot net sdk and other useful staff

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write few rakes of Dockerfile.

    First of all I want to document how to install dot net sdk 1.1. It isn't installable by chocolatey, so I had to use following workaround:

    RUN Invoke-WebRequest '' -OutFile dotnetDev.exeRUN .\dotnetDev.exe /Silent /Full

    Another issue, that I faced was installing of Git, or for containers I prefer MinGit. It can be achieved in the following way:

    RUN Invoke-WebRequest '' -OutFile

    RUN Expand-Archive c:\ … more

  • Virtual machine management service

    If you see following error message:

    Virtual machine management service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server.

    You need to check "Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management" and start it up. more

  • How to make grid to locate all available space

    Hello everybody,

    toda I want to document one simple how-to issue. Recently I've spent some time in figuring how to make grid to locate all available space.

    Below goes how to make it:

    <AutoSize Container="Window" Enabled="True" MinHeight="400" />

    You can add it somewhere before end of px:PXGrid tag. For example like this:

          <AutoSize Container="Window" Enabled="True" MinHeight="400" /> </px:PXGrid>


  • Working with Dockerfile

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to write a few words about Dockerfile. 

    So, as usually for developer it will not be enough just ordinary docker images. Quite often they need to add some more features to docker images. One of the useful ways to organize it can be creating Dockerfile. 

    Dockerfile in itself just a text file with instructions. Of course that instructions are docker specific. And it's similar to making program say in C#. While after C# program I need to execute compiler, with Dockerfile I need to execute command docker build. You can consider docker build as compiler from Docker. 

    Executed image is a container. 

    Dockerfile has build instructions. 

    Some docker instructions … more

  • How to analyze condition of your docker under windows

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to share one more piece of search, which I've found today.

    My current situation with docker is the following: it refuses to be executed.

    In order to see, why, following command can be used:

    wget -UseBasicParsin | iex

    This command gave me following output:

    Describing Windows Version and Prerequisites [+] Is Windows 10 Anniversary Update or Windows Server 2016 86ms [+] Has KB3192366, KB3194496, or later installed if running Windows build 14393 17ms [+] Is not a build with blocking issues 16ms [+] Has 'Containers' … more

  • WCF RabbitMQ binding

    Hello everybody,

    recently I've spent plenty of time with the following task: Create Publisher/Subscriber application that via WCF send/receive messages from RabbitMQ. As foundation for my code I've used code from Dieg web site, just modified binding.

    Bindings were modified in App.config files. 

    Below goes bindings declarations:




    <add name="rabbitMQBinding"

    type="RabbitMQ.ServiceModel.RabbitMQBindingSection, RabbitMQ.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=null"/>




    <endpoint address="soap.amq:///myqueue" … more