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  • My thoughts after start of first Indiegogo campaign

    Here I want to describe how I felt before starting Indiegogo campaign during it's execution and few minutes after starting Indiegogo campaign.

    Initially I want to describe road map to this campaign. I was and still is a happy person whose main job is integration of different enterprise systems. I like such kind of activities because it helps to speed up life inside of company of any size. Imagine that with help of software inside of some small company ( 30 people ) can save around 5 minutes of time daily. Then in one month this company can save 22 * 5 * 30 = 3300 minutes or 55 working hours. It means faster delivery of product, or faster producing of product or faster salary receive or … more

  • AWS Product categories

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to document few main features of AWS. Below I want to mention AWS Product Categories:

    Compute services. Provide you with virtual machines

    Storage services. Raw block of content.

    Database services. Organized in some way data in organized chunks.

    Networking services. Provide with network assets.

    Messaging services. Communication between systems.

    Content delivery services - cached location for frequently accessed content. 

    Deployment and management - allows to pack, secure, monitor AWS apps.

    Next goes question, how developer can interact with AWS? As always in two ways: visual tools or through API.

    API in turn can be divided into two categories: SOAP/ … more

  • Acumatica DAC class generator

    Hello everyboydy,

    today I want to share with anybody mine implementation of DAC class generator.

    By default Acumatica provides you with DAC class generator which is pretty good.

    But time from the time I had a need to generate DAC class into text field, and then

    put it somewhere in my solution, and Acumatica DAC class generator didn't feet to

    mine needs. So I decided to create my own DAC class generator. 

    This form has simple interface. In the first line you enter Connection string, at second

    line you enter table name, press at generate, and receive DAC class.

    You can download source code here. 

    Below goes also some C# code which I've comment later:

        public  … more

  • How to add sitemap into your customization

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to describe some simple steps of how to add into your customizaiton sitemap. As you already know, sitemap of Acumatica is saved in database. And if you make customization of your sitemap you may need to add to your project.xml something like this:

    <Customization level="0" description="" product-version="5.30">



                <relations version="3" main-table="SiteMap" />


                    <table name="SiteMap" />




    <row Position="72" Title="Warehouse"  Url="~/Frames/Default.aspx"  … more

  • How to make yourself as Administrator in Acumatica with SQL

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to share some piece of SQL code that can help you to add yourself to Administrators group in Acumatica:

    INSERT INTO [dbo].[UsersInRoles]




















             ,'2010-07-27 17:25:00.000' … more

  • .Net core tag helpers

    Hello everybody,

    today I want to describe some .Net core tag helpers that you can use in order to create your web pages. There are plenty of already implemented tag helpers that can simplify your life as a developer.

    Here is the list of already made:

















    It is not a complete list, but I suppose those 16 elements help you to grasp how wide it's functionality.

    Anchor Tag Helper

    Consider following declaration:

    <a asp-controller='Presenter' asp-action='Presentation' asp-route-id=@Model.PresenterID>Presenter ID: @Model.PresenterID</a> … more