Create view if not exists in Acumatica customization

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a short post on how to create some custom view in Acumatica Customization if that view doesn't exist:

if not exists (select * from sysobjects where name='CustomerSelector' and xtype='V')
exec (
    'CREATE view [CustomerSelector] as 
		select Distinct b.CompanyID, cc.Phone1, a.City, a.CountryID, b.TaxRegistrationID, c.CuryID, cc.Salutation, c.CustomerClassID, b.Status
		from BAccount b inner join customer c on b.BAccountID = c.BAccountID inner join [Address] a 
		on a.BAccountID = b.BAccountID inner join Contact cc on cc.BAccountID = b.BAccountID'

This code will create view CustomerSelector only if such view doesn't exist in Acumatica

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