Creating the new Company, set settings for it from snapshot

Hello everybody,
today I want share with you, how you can create new Company and set it settings.

For creating new company, we should go to "Tenants" screen:

Notice, that in old vercions of acumatica instead the "Tenants" was the "Companies":

Let create new company, and give it name "Exotic Places":

When process of creation is finished, we'll automatically be logged out:


To fix this, let's copy the settings from existing company to our. First of all let us sign out from "Exotic Places" and sign in to "Company". Then open "Tenants", chose the "Company" and click to "Create Snapshot" button:

We get a warning message, but it possible easily deal with it, only go to this link, to short post of my blog and you'll done it. After it let try again:

Press "Save" on the toolbar of the form, then import snapshot into our new company:

Now let's restore snapshot to "Exotic Places":

After it let explore, what have we done:

Summary: if you'll create new company, then you will need to set the settings for it. To do this, you can copy them from an existing company (as shown on the top):
1. Create the snapshot.
2. Export it.
3. Upload snapshot in new company.
4. Restore snapshot for it.

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