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Hello everybody,

today I want to share with everybody how to find all items in view in Acumatica.

Suppose you have View declared in the following way:

public PXSelectJoin<PRPayrollDetails,

InnerJoin<EPEmployee, On<EPEmployee.bAccountID, Equal<PRPayrollDetails.employeeID>>,

InnerJoin<PRPayroll, On<PRPayroll.refNbr, Equal<Current<PRPayrollDetails.payrollRefNbr>>>,

LeftJoin<APInvoice, On<APInvoice.refNbr, Equal<PRPayrollDetails.aPRefNbr>, And<APInvoice.docType, Equal<PRPayrollDetails.aPDocType>>>>>>,

Where<PRPayrollDetails.payrollRefNbr, Equal<Current<PRPayroll.refNbr>>>, OrderBy<Asc<PRPayrollDetails.description>>> PayRollsDetails;

and now you made some changes to that view in one of your functions. How to get current situation of view?

If you answered PayRollsDetails.Cache.Cached then you are wrong. You should get them as PayRollsDetails.Select() and only in that way. Then you'll get current situation with items in grid

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