DataSelf analytics webinar after taste

Hello everybody,

today I want to write some kind of short summary of webinar meeting which was held yesterday by Joni Girady.

Biggest impression

My most general impression is that Joni is a real proffesional in Datanalytics staff, and of course the fact that Acumatica chosen their product as their inhouse platform shows that not only I made such a conclusion.

Among technical parts of the meeting I want to point practical comments on how C-level people can cultivate analytics approach in their company. In other words how to make your employees to help you analyze situation in your company.

  1. Search for data hungry people 
  2. Promote such data hugry people ( nothing works better then life example )
  3. As result data lazy people will try to imitate data hungry people and you'll get more insights

Approach from those three steps will help you to follow advice from Ukrainian proverb: one head is good, but two ( or more ) is better.

Learn on mistakes of others

Among other insights was story of one customer that asked Joni to create some report for which his team dedicated five (!) months. After five months of development customer revealed for himself 5000 out of the box already prepared reports and told something like this: if I use your out of the box report, I'd ask you to make totally another report. My perception of this story is the following: before solving unique issues set of your company look on your company from prism of already made analysis, and then make your unique analysis. Anyway I belive you'll need to hire somebody to search through 5000 already made reports in any case, because 5000 is a big number. If you dedicate 30 minutes of your time on each report you'll need 7 months of your time just browsing through this amount of reports. And I belive in month 3 you'll forget what you've fin on month 1.


Dataself have following target: any kind of information should be provided within 10 seconds no matter what: size of database, number of sources of information, visualization requrements etc. He made a demo and during that demo millions of records followed that standard.

One picture is worthy of thousand of words

General architecture of Dataself is the following:

Basically it says that information from your ERP, CRM and other strange sources ( for example facebook ) can be fed into Data Warehouse which is based on SQL Server and DataSelf ETL, procesed by tableau and provide you with output in 10 seconds ( that was already mentioned ).


It was very informative meeting held by Joni and I enjoyed every minute of it. In case if I'll have a need of analytics of big amounts of Data, I'll definetely give a try to DataSelf analytics.

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  • Joni Girardi said

    As from leaning the mistakes from others, the point is not necessarily looking at all 5,000 reports. Decision makers will scan through (or search) the library of reports and should find a subset of KPIs with critical trends that no one is paying attention to. For instance, a sales manager might focus on the few hundreds of customer sales trends first. Just by looking at the report titles, one can focus on reports that seem intriguing. For instance, customers with the top sales decline since last YTD. Sometimes a single report can reveal major issues where the company will spend quite a bit of time to address. Users will keep on going back to DataSelf on an ongoing basis to look for "what else we don't know yet". BI is a journey, and companies become more successful when leveraging a strong and rich BI platform with people who can connect the dots between the data and their business processes. Great post! I appreciate you taking your time to write about my webinar!

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