Export data from Acumatica

Hello everybody,

I want to describe how to export data from Acumatica. 

To export data (Customers for instance) to .xlsx format output we need to make 3 actions:

  1. Create a Data Provider

  2. Create an Export Scenario

  3. Make an Export by Scenario

1. First of all, before we will start do all those steps, we need to create .xlsx file with such fields at least on the first row as a heading row:

After that when we’ve created Customers.xlsx file, click on the menu button and choose Integration tab.

Afterwards on the Profiles subheading click Data Providers:

In the *Name field type the name of the future Data Provider to Excel format (Import/Export Customers to Excel) and in the next field  - * Provider Type: choose Excel Provider. After that go to Files in the top right corner and upload your Customers.xlsx file to the system:

After you have done, the screen have to be like this:

Go to SCHEMA part and make the following actions as you can see on the image:

Save this Data Provider.

  1. Menu-> Integration-> Export Scenarios

Fill this stage as shown on the image or with needed fields for you:

To fill Screen Name with the right choice will help this image:

And click Save icon in the top left corner.

After this step, we need to make the last one – to make an export by created already scenario:

  1. Menu-> Integration-> Export by Scenario

Go to DETAILS part and fill SITE MAP zone as shown below:

In the Name field choose Export Customers and press PREPARE button on the top. It has to be close to this image:

After you pressed PREPARE, press EXPORT on the form toolbar to export the customer records to a .xlsx file extension. After all these steps, just click on the button “GET LATEST VERSION” and in the pop-up window choose where and how to save your Customer.xlsx file with filled rows with all data you need of customers.

Summary: In this example, you created a scenario for exporting customer records. For the scenario, you set the scenario parameters and configured scenario mapping. Then you exported customer records from
Acumatica ERP to Excel file.

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