How to speed up Acumatica debugging with tunning web.config

Hello everybody,

today I want to make short post on how to speed up Acumatica debugging. I'll share with you options that worked on my machine. 

In case if you have something to add, I mean something that really affects speed up of page loading, you are welcomed to  do it. 

Setting #1:

To your <compilation debug="True" secion apped following line optimizeCompilations="True". In mine web.config I've got following look and feel:

    <compilation debug="True" defaultLanguage="c#" numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart="9999" targetFramework="4.7.1" batch="False" optimizeCompilations="True">

Setting #2 and #3:

To your appSettings add/update key CompilePages and InstantiateAllCaches like this:

    <clear />
    <add key="InstantiateAllCaches" value="False"/>
    <add key="CompilePages" value="False" />

Setting 1 optimizes compilations, setting 2 disables intantiation of all caches and setting 3 disables compilation of pages of Acumatica. Other settings that I've found didn't affect page loading time at all.

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