Inventory items images structure in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to document some information about how images for inventory items are stored in Acumatica. 

Database structure (Acumatica)

InventoryItem - A table that contains all InventoryItem data

> ImageURL - A data field where the image file name being saved.


UploadFile - A table that contains attachments data

> Name - A data field where you can use to join with InventoryItem using InventoryItem.ImageURL = UploadFile.Name


NoteDoc - A table that contains all NoteDoc data

> FileID - A data field unique ID where you can use to join with UploadFile using UploadFile.FileID = NoteDoc.FileID


A SQL query that get data necessary to create the imageExternalLink some like this.

SELECT InventoryItem.InventoryCD, InventoryItem.imageUrl, UploadFile.Name, NoteDoc.FileId, * FROM InventoryItem
LEFT JOIN UploadFile ON InventoryItem.imageUrl = UploadFile.Name
LEFT JOIN NoteDoc ON UploadFile.FileID = NoteDoc.FileID where imageurl is not null


#2 Business Logic to create the imageExternalLink

Concatenate  “” with data filed [NoteDoc.FileID]




You will not be able to see those pictures unless you are logged in into Acumatica.


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